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Jan and Griff Duncan Memorial Scholarship - $1000


In 1971, Jan and Griff Duncan founded Fullerton Civic Light Opera (FCLO) to bring live theatre to the cultural landscape of Southern California.  From humble beginnings, FCLO rose in prestige as one of the top regional theatres in the country, employing thousands of professional actors, technicians and directors, and designers.  For over forty years they created a place of inclusion and “extended family” to performers, industry professional, and stage technicians, alike.  The John Raitt Awards for Youth (JRAY) was named after their dear friend and Broadway legend John Raitt, a Fullerton native.  In the Jan and Griff Duncan Memorial Scholarship, we seek those individuals who are performers, design, or technical individuals who are altruistic in their gifts, bringing dedication, commitment and appreciation for the sheer joy of creating live theatre.  JRAY is a 501©3 operating under the umbrella of Fullerton Civic Light Opera.


Nathaniel Baesel

Fullerton Union High School Class of 2022/ Matilda, The Musical “Agatha Trunchbull”


“Nathaniel is a thoughtful, humble, personable, and driven individual who

continuously supports his peers no matter the task. Without fail, Nathaniel has demonstrated his ability to be an artist, leader, and a scholar. Nathaniel is a director’s dream!”

Michael J. Despars, M.A.

Drama Teacher/Director

Fullerton Union High School

Lincoln Melcher

John Burroughs High School Class of 2022/ Into the Woods “The Baker”


“Lincoln’s process remains consistent. He draws upon his own insights and intuition to create nuanced performances, full of humor, subtlety, and emotion. Lincoln uses the moments he has to review lines and staging or perfect his delivery because he cares about being the best he can be when he takes the stage. But what I really want to emphasize is the kind, genuine, compassionate and empathetic human being he is.”

Guy A. Myers

Drama Teacher/Director

John Burroughs High School

On behalf of JRAY, Nathaniel and Lincoln, exemplify all that goes into being gifted, kind, compassionate people and it shows in everything they do.  We are proud to award Nathaniel and Lincoln scholarships named after our founders, Jan and Griff Duncan.

The Duncan Great Cause Scholarship - $1000

The Duncan Great Cause Scholarship is awarded to any outstanding performer, artistic designer, or crew member who has hopes of pursuing a career in theatre arts.  Recipients are chosen for their commitment and passion to the performing arts, and it is the Foundation’s fervent hope that someday, these individuals will find themselves in a place of success; that they will remember where they came from, the road they travelled, the people who helped them along the way, and that they will be able to do in kind, and give it back to their communities to help make the world a better place. 


Jasmina Guerra 

Redondo Union High School Class of 2022/Mamma Mia! “Donna”


“Audacious. Inquisitive. Daring. These three words first come to mind when I think of

Jasmina’s character and her endearing personality. She is the definition of a complete package; talented, poised, professional, and ready to take on any task or challenge that comes her way.”

Melissa Staab

Theatre Arts Director

Redondo Union High School

Not only did Jasmina receive a JRAY Awards trophy for 2022 “Best Actress in a Leading Comedic Role”, JRAY also recognizes Jasmina’s compassion, heart and dedication to others.  JRAY wishes you great success as you attend The University of Chicago.


Shayne Gray

Laguna Hills High School Class of 2022/ The Addams Family “The Moon”


“My dream is to be able to earn enough money to help teach younger children how to Dance, teaching free classes for any young dancers who cannot afford to take private lessons. Dance has brought so much happiness into my life; all I want to do is give back to the community that taught me so much.”


“Shayne completed the International Baccalaureate Theatre Arts Higher Level requirements to achieve her IB diploma. Her work was mostly done independently, and the work she produced was truly impressive. Her solo performance for IB moved me to tears!”

Susan Lord

Theatre Educator, Director, VAPA Chair

Laguna Hills High School

JRAY recognizes Shayne’s commitment to the International Baccalaureate Theater Arts Higher Level to achieve her IB diploma, and recognizes her dedication to her GPA.  Just as important is  Shayne’s altruistic desire to focus on those who may benefit mentally and physically through dance. JRAY wishes you the best as you continue your education at University of California, Irvine.

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