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The JRAY team is excited for the return of our educational feature this season called JRAY TalkBack.


What is it?


Inspired by requests from directors, JRAY TalkBack is a written report of commentary and constructive criticism directly from JRAY judges in the following areas:

  • General observations from judges throughout the show

  • Specific feedback and observations related but not limited to:

  • staging

  • technical execution (lighting, sound, stage crew, etc.)

  • specific student performances and character interpretations

  • ensemble notes

  • choreography

  • production quality and originality (for example: scenic design, costuming, thematic consistency, maximizing potential within a restricted budget)

  • Promotion and publicity

Please note: There will be no specific scores listed in this format—this is intended to be an objective, narrative evaluation in the categories listed above. It should not be considered a preview or a preliminary indicator of who will qualify for specific nominations.


Why should you do it?

Even though this is an optional service—and directors are free to do with our notes as they best see fit—it is our sincere hope that the provided feedback can serve as an educational opportunity for directors and their students to review their performance in a positive and encouraging way. 


When can you get it?

If you check “YES” on your Pre-show Director’s Survey, notes will be available via e-mail within a week to ten days after the date of your adjudicated performance. Our lead judge will also verbally confirm that you wish to receive TalkBack.


It is our sincere hope that you find TalkBack useful and meaningful for your students.  Please let us know what you think—we are always looking to get better!



Kyle Duncan, Program Director and Executive Producer 

Neil Caplin, TalkBack Editor and JRAY Judge

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