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Caiden Falstrup-Finney

Palos Verdes High School

“Going onstage to receive my BAA scholarship and looking back at my peers gave me an overwhelming feeling of joy because I could sense my dreams were inching closer and closer to reality.”

“Winning Comedian of the Year meant everything to me as I’ve spent my whole life trying to make others laugh and enjoy themselves and this award showed that my efforts weren’t wasted.”

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Gavin Prudencio

Diamond Bar High School

“When I heard my name being announced, what followed was a shock and my mind was thrown into chaos. All I heard after that was just stillness, my body frozen in awe and my breath becoming short from excitement. As the seconds passed, it all hit me. I won. I saw my friends and castmates cheering for me and the applause that followed roared as I was brought back to reality. The walk to the stage was a fever dream. My steps felt light, almost trembling, but my heart filled with exhilaration. And for that I will never forget this day and how I had the honor of being the 2022 BAA Male Actor of the Year. I never really thought of performing to be a choice for my career, but this passion for acting can now be a possibility for my profession. Being cast as Dmitry in Anastasia helped me grow as a performer, and for that I am so thankful.”

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Selma Elbalalesy

Aliso Niguel High School

“Winning JRAY Actress of the year was a complete shock and an honor. I didn’t really care that the announcer botched my name; the fact that he was given the burden of announcing it meant that I was going to New York! I walked onstage and the hosts graciously greeted a stammering kid that couldn’t compute what was happening. I’m so grateful for everyone at Aliso Niguel Theatre Company who sat cheering me on, and who had helped bring me to such exciting heights!”

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Katy Cloutier

Redondo Union High School

“Ever since winning the BAA JRAY Scholarship 2 weeks ago, nothing seems real. Hearing my name called has brought me one step closer to my dream of living my life as an actor. Now I am in equal states of shock and excitement with endless butterflies in my stomach. I can’t wait for the beginning of my future starting with BAA!”

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